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  1. My favourite soundtrack is the Shado-Pan. It brings me feelings of an ongoing adventure, it fills me with the courage and the strength of the last Emperor Shao Hao. I wake up every morning with that song and, althougth my body is tired, my soul wakes up completely energized.

    Definitely, stepping into the Shado-Pan Monastery is one of the best things i’ve done in MoP

  2. My favorite song from the soundtrack is “Way of the Monk,” but only because the main Shado-Pan theme is not on the disc, sadly.. The one that plays at Shado-Pan garrison and at other parts of the game. I love WoW music as a whole, and MoP is one of their better soundtracks! My order: WotLK > MoP > Cata > Vanilla > TBC (music wise, anyway).

  3. I looked and looked on youtube, but I can’t seem to find my favorite MoP song :(
    It’s a very short one, they play it in Inns. (No, not the Stormstout Brew one). It’s very short, very simple, and very fun! I simply love all the inn music, and all the Pandaria inns for that matter. They just looks so comfy and there’s always something cooking! I loved the addition of the NPC in the Shrine of Seven stars who will play you a song if you tip her 2g :) Sometimes I just sit near them and enjoy the mini concert!

    Second favorite would be the Wandering Isle theme. You hear it and instantly think MoP, the mist, cherry blossoms, wind… Just magical. It’s those few notes in the beginning that really mark MoP for me. It reminds me of the first time I got into the beta, I was so freaking excited. I took a billion screenshots of the Wandering Isle, and of course the giant turtle head :O

    Third would be the Jade Forest. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent so much time in there I got used to it… But it has it’s own special value. It is kinda oldschool too. The zone itself is gorgeous and kinda brings back Un’goro memories, that’s why I enjoy it and never skip it.

    Overall, MoP and WoW in general always has amazing music. I always play with all sounds on.
    Speaking of amazing soundtracks, my all-time favorite zone music ever is Duskwood. Nothing compares!

    Best of luck to everyone participating :)

  4. I’ve now bought the album from iTunes, downloaded it and imported it to Google Play/listen – having a head time trying to find a favourite though! It’s all beautifully orchestrated

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  6. I really like the “The Wandering Isle” one because it feels so encouraging! :D I really like erie songs, lol

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