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Good evening, kind people of the Internet! You may have noticed, by virtue of this post, that Ready Check is back for Season 2! “Hooray”, we hear you say (or not; we don’t judge, man). It’s been too long, as far as this writer is concerned, so it’s very nice to be back on the horse… although I’m told that’s not a nice way to refer to Flapz. Some sad news to start with – tonight, and for the foreseeable future, we’re without Reliq, our favourite overpowered DK. Unfortunately the Real Life boss has crit him for a million damage, so he’s not currently able to host the show with us. We’ll be sure to bully him into featuring on the show every now and again, though. That does, of course, mean we’re looking for another co-host to round out our team. If you’re interested in helping us pull the show together every week, get in touch!

Tonight, we talk about:

  • Item squish in the next expansion.
  • Flexible raiding (woo!).
  • Proving grounds.
  • What we’ve been up to over our brief hiatus.
  • How utterly terrible Flapz and Hunni are with boss quotes.
  • And much more!

With the launch of Season 2, we’ve also created a funky new Facebook page. Please pop over and ‘like’ us, ‘poke’ us, or spam us with Candy Crush requests. We’d love you for it. We’re also available in the usual places – Twitter, and Email!

Right then, folks, have a lovely week and we’ll see you next time. Toman.

Guys and Gals,

We have some good news here from the Ready Check headquarters. We have finally gotten off our collective ass and we’re sorting out a season 2 for Ready Check!

This will co-inside with 5.4 being released, and the first episode will be out on Monday 2nd September. So keep your ears peeled.

The show will still have all your favourite hosts!

  • Reliq, our regular DK tank,
  • Toman, amazing pally healer,
  • Hunni the epic bear,
  • and, of course, Flapz, who has main changed yet again!

We’re still working on features and things to discuss so if you have any ideas or burning desires for us to discuss something specific please do get in touch via the usual methods of Twitteror Email!

Remember to keep an ear out for us very soon! Love hugs and hopefully no 5.4 bugs, Hunni x 

With upcoming features in 5.4 revealed, we take a very-excited look at ALL THE THINGS!

Toman, Reliq, Hunnibunni and the gquitting bastid Flapz dive into the murky-depths of 5.4 announcements and other tidbits:

  • Flexible raids
  • Ongoing Throne of Thunder progress for Harvest Moon
  • Flapz’s own heroic-mode progress with his (*spit*) new guild
  • and how the upcoming changes will affect us.
  • Plus how amazing Reliq is, as always.

All this, and a little bit more!

Hello everyone! We’re glad to be back after a very brief hiatus (crafty work, holiday, and assorted other scheduling issues!), filling your ears with inane ramblings and self-absorbed banter. Today we’re in the company of show regulars Reliq, Hunnibunni and Toman; three finer amigos there never were.

On today’s show:

  • We talk 5.3, and what we’re enjoying so far;
  • New Mount!!1eleven;
  • Titan’s ‘reset’ – big deal, or not? (spoiler: not!);
  • How to solve recruiting issues;
  • How to gear a fresh 90 (according to this Reddit post);
  • Mod(?) of the Week – AskMrRobot Premium;
  • And much more!

As always, we’re still looking for people to come and guest on the show, and we’d love to feature your own show bumpers too! If you run a podcast, send us a bumper at and we’ll return the favour!

We’ll be back next week, but in the meantime, love, hugs and successful PUGs.

What’s this? A new podcast? And TOMAN not around to write the show notes? MUAHAHAHA!

We’re back after a week of an-episode-that-we-remember-recording-but-somehow-vanished with an all-star lineup!

Reliq and Toman are joined yet again by Best Bear EU, Hunnibunni as they dive into the latest happenings in World Of Death Knights Warcraft!

This episode we cover:

  • upcoming 5.3 changes
  • the complete lack of need for Blood DK nerfs
  • We Gonna Die! And how to encourage your raid team to participate in tactic discussions outside of raids
  • the amazingness that are Blood DKs
  • and the Doom Doom DOOM of WoW subscriber numbers dropping. Again.

We’d love to have your thoughts on all the topics we cover, so feedback to @ready_check or!

These show notes totally not written by Reliq.

Hi folks! Indulge us a little while, would you? Our show guild, <Harvest Moon> on Ghostlands EU (Alliance) are in desperate need of a few decent raiders. We’re currently traipsing through T15, having fully cleared T14, and are working on Council of Elders at the time of writing. Unfortunately, we’ve lost a couple of key members to the ol’ Real Life boss, and need to fill a couple of gaps. Come join us, yo!

Here’s the blurbage…

Our aim is to find players who, like us, have several responsibilities outside the game, but who are passionate about raiding and want to progress. We’re not recruiting people whose only job is to warm the bench for us, so if your application is successful, you’ll be considered as an equal when it comes to raid spots.

Hit the link to see what we’re after!

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TOO SOON! YOU HAVE AWAKENED ME TOO SOON, EXECUTUS! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS INTRUSION? Oh, you’re not Executus. Ahem. Sorry about that. I get a bit cranky, sat around in my fiery pit of doom, resting up and… oh, you think I could be eligible to reclaim missold PPI payments? I don’t even know what a credit card is. Loans? Why should I need a loan when I can just melt my foes in pools of molten burniness? No, I don’t want to talk to your supervisor.. wait, how did you get my address, anyway? EXECUTUS! FOOL! YOU ALLOWED THESE INSECTS TO RUN RAMPANT THROUGH THE HALLOWED CORE? AND NOW YOU LEAD THEM TO MY VERY LAIR? YOU HAVE FAILED ME! JUSTICE SHALL BE MET, INDEED!

And that, ladies and gents, is why Ragnaros is grumpy with Excecutus. True facts.

On today’s show:

  • Reliq and Toman are joined by special guest Simes, aka Sivation, to talk vanilla, hardcore raiding, and how MoP is the best expansion yet;
  • Hunnibunni, a feral/guardian druid, fills in for her fiancé Flapz, who isn’t feeling well (get well soon!);
  • We discuss Manaflask‘s interviews with Paragon and Method;
  • We talk personal accountability, and Toman gets a bit grumpy (sorry);
  • Mod of the Week – EnsidiaFails;
  • And much more!

Huge thanks to Simes for joining us this week, it was fun chatting with you! As always, we’re really interested in having guests on the show, and we’d also love to guest on your own shows if you’ll have us… Also, we want to hear from you! Get in touch via email or Twitter with your thoughts on the show so far and we’ll read ’em out on air next week.

Until next week, love, hugs and UBRS PUGs (must have key).

Roll up, roll up, for all the fun of the fair! Our big top this evening is compered by our illustrious ringmaster, Flapz! Watch as he once again puts his head in the lion’s mouth, metaphorically speaking. Come one, come all, and see the bearded lady aka Reliq, Toman the clown, and world’s strongest woman the Godmother of Faff! Watch us walk the tightrope of raiding, juggle guilds and fiery 5.3 nerfs, and other such fairground related activities in Ready Check Episode 7!

This week’s show includes:

  • Special guest Godmother, GM of Cotton Candy (Shadowsong EU) and writer of! (Spoiler alert: she’s lovely);
  • More ToT hotfixes;
  • An expanded “WE GONNA DIE” section talking about guild leadership and issues;
  • Our final Race to World First, in which Reliq’s man-crush is justified;
  • Mod of the Week – WowCardioRaid;
  • And much more!

This week’s show was a lot of fun to record. We had an absolute blast with Godmother, so a massive thanks for joining us and we hope to do it again soon! If anyone else would like to guest star on Ready Check, get in touch as we’d love to hear from you. Finally, as part of our discussion this week we asked:

“How do you encourage previously hand-held raiders to use their own initiative?”

We’re really interested in hearing what you all say to this one. Email us or send us a Tweet. Until next time, love, hugs, and dinosaur rugs!

In our last show, our daring party rolled a natural 20 and evaded the grasp of the mighty tree druid, Melgrim. This week, he continues to be banished, or so they hope. After camping overnight to regenerate their health and relearn their spells, our heroes go dungeon crawling, battle trolls and encounter legendary items… but it’s not all plain sailing. How will our adventurers cope with the pressure of finally gaining their first fans? Will Flapz ever realise he’s pronouncing Toman wrong? How will Reliq reconcile himself with the fact that he’s in purgatory, neither British nor Australian, forever stuck as a Faux-stralian? Join us for answers to these questions and more, in The Ready Check Adventure Game Episode 6.

In this week’s show, we cover:

  • Patch 5.3 nerfs, and live ToT hotfixes;
  • What separates EU hardcore guilds from their US counterparts?;
  • “WE GONNA DIE” (stupid accent mandatory);
  • Mod of the Week – Bigwigs;
  • And much more!

We have a few guests lined up over the next couple of weeks, but we’re always looking for more! Specifically, we’re bored of talking about healers, so if you’re a DPS player and want to come and talk rubbish with us, please get in touch via email or Twitter. Also, we would absolutely love it if you could rate us on iTunes or Stitcher – you can find us on both by searching for Ready Check or by clicking the links on our homepage. Until next time, love, hugs, and successful PUGs.

You’ll be pleased to know, dear listener, that our sound issues from last week have been resolved! Huzzah! So, with that great piece of news, we present to you Ready Check episode 5! We’re minus Melgrim this week, who is off jet-setting again, this time in Copenhagen. He’ll be back next week, unfortunately, so in the meantime, enjoy our streamlined, efficient, and downright sexy 3-man crew!

This week’s show includes:

  • New LFR wing impressions, specifically, the titular DERPumu!;
  • Disc priest changes in 5.3;
  • “WE GONNA DIE” – new bumper with ‘awesome’ intro! (Reliq’s words, not mine);
  • Managing a raid roster, and looking after your social members;
  • Mod of the Week – Raeli’s Spell Announcer;
  • And much more!

We’d really like any raid leaders, or people who run a guild, to get in touch this week. We’re looking for guests to talk about issues that you face, so if you’re interested in helping out with the third best UK-based raiding podcast featuring members with names starting To, Re, Fl and Me, then email us ( or send us a Tweet. Until next time, love, hugs and successful PUGs.