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Hey guys! This week, Forrseti and Toman were very privileged to be invited to visit the EU Blizzard HQ in Versailles for a day of gawking and geeking. While we were there, we took part in a Q&A with two of WoWs lead developers, Brian Holinka (Lead PVP Designer) and Ion Hazzikostas (Lead Encounter Designer). We were able to ask a few questions about Warlords of Draenor, and got some real insights from two guys at the forefront of development in the new expansion. It was such a treat, so thank you so much to everyone at Blizzard for the opportunity, and especially to Brian and Ion for taking time out of their busy days to talk to us.

Click through below to read the transcript in full from the interview. There are a LOT of great titbits in there.

Anyway, to the podcast! This week we talk about:

  • The new raven mount – where’s it from?;
  • We cover Blackhand in War-LORE-ds of Draenor;
  • Some interesting points from our Q&A session;
  • The recent WoW Infographic;
  • …and much more!

As always, we’d really love your thoughts and feedback, so please get in touch. Until next week…Love, Hugs and Successful PUGS. Toman.

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Hey guys! Long time no see; have you lost weight? You’re looking really wonderful! Nice hair! Right, now we’ve gotten the small talk out of the way, let’s get down to business shall we? Season 3 is finally here, and today we’re pleased to introduce our new co-host, Forrseti! Forrs has featured on the show previously, but now joins Toman and Hunni full time this season as our raid leading expert. We’re super happy to have him with us. In other news, our favourite Bristolian, Flapz, is no longer playing WoW, so has decided to take a step back from the podcast. We’re going to miss you, buddy. Keep your eyes open, though, and you might find him shoutcasting CS:GO matches in the future.

Today’s show is a bit of a catch up and an excuse for a good old natter. We talk about:

  • What we’ve all been up to over the holiday break;
  • Recent Siege of Orgrimmar nerfs;
  • New mount – cynical cash-in or bit of a cock up?;
  • Appropriate raiding attire;
  • …and much more!

We’ve also got the start of our new feature, War-LORE-ds of Draenor (see what we did there?), where we talk about each of the Orc Warlords we’ll be meeting in WoD. Today, Kilrogg Deadeye.

Get your questions and comments in for next week, and we’d really love an iTunes review or two if you’ve got a few seconds free. Until next time, Love, Hugs and Klaxxi BugsToman.

Hi all! Just a quick note to let you know that we’ll be back very soon for Season 3! We’re currently working out the schedule, and we’d love to have some guests on the show to talk all things Blizzard. Please get in touch if you’d like to get involved with our quaint little podcast.

We’re recording episode 1 on Monday 20th Jan, so if you have anything in particular that you’d like us to discuss, any shoutouts, or if you just want to tell us we’re terrible, then there’s your deadline.

Love, hugs and successful PUGs! Ready Check.