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With upcoming features in 5.4 revealed, we take a very-excited look at ALL THE THINGS!

Toman, Reliq, Hunnibunni and the gquitting bastid Flapz dive into the murky-depths of 5.4 announcements and other tidbits:

  • Flexible raids
  • Ongoing Throne of Thunder progress for Harvest Moon
  • Flapz’s own heroic-mode progress with his (*spit*) new guild
  • and how the upcoming changes will affect us.
  • Plus how amazing Reliq is, as always.

All this, and a little bit more!

What’s this? A new podcast? And TOMAN not around to write the show notes? MUAHAHAHA!

We’re back after a week of an-episode-that-we-remember-recording-but-somehow-vanished with an all-star lineup!

Reliq and Toman are joined yet again by Best Bear EU, Hunnibunni as they dive into the latest happenings in World Of Death Knights Warcraft!

This episode we cover:

  • upcoming 5.3 changes
  • the complete lack of need for Blood DK nerfs
  • We Gonna Die! And how to encourage your raid team to participate in tactic discussions outside of raids
  • the amazingness that are Blood DKs
  • and the Doom Doom DOOM of WoW subscriber numbers dropping. Again.

We’d love to have your thoughts on all the topics we cover, so feedback to @ready_check or!

These show notes totally not written by Reliq.