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TOO SOON! YOU HAVE AWAKENED ME TOO SOON, EXECUTUS! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS INTRUSION? Oh, you’re not Executus. Ahem. Sorry about that. I get a bit cranky, sat around in my fiery pit of doom, resting up and… oh, you think I could be eligible to reclaim missold PPI payments? I don’t even know what a credit card is. Loans? Why should I need a loan when I can just melt my foes in pools of molten burniness? No, I don’t want to talk to your supervisor.. wait, how did you get my address, anyway? EXECUTUS! FOOL! YOU ALLOWED THESE INSECTS TO RUN RAMPANT THROUGH THE HALLOWED CORE? AND NOW YOU LEAD THEM TO MY VERY LAIR? YOU HAVE FAILED ME! JUSTICE SHALL BE MET, INDEED!

And that, ladies and gents, is why Ragnaros is grumpy with Excecutus. True facts.

On today’s show:

  • Reliq and Toman are joined by special guest Simes, aka Sivation, to talk vanilla, hardcore raiding, and how MoP is the best expansion yet;
  • Hunnibunni, a feral/guardian druid, fills in for her fianc√©¬†Flapz, who isn’t feeling well (get well soon!);
  • We discuss Manaflask‘s interviews with Paragon and Method;
  • We talk personal accountability, and Toman gets a bit grumpy (sorry);
  • Mod of the Week – EnsidiaFails;
  • And much more!

Huge thanks to Simes for joining us this week, it was fun chatting with you! As always, we’re really interested in having guests on the show, and we’d also love to guest on your own shows if you’ll have us… Also, we want to hear from you! Get in touch via email or Twitter with your thoughts on the show so far and we’ll read ’em out on air next week.

Until next week, love, hugs and UBRS PUGs (must have key).