5 comments on “BarCraft-on-Thames In Pictures!

  1. What a great night! Definitely one to remember for quite some time. Thanks to everyone involved in creating such a great event for our community.

    To all the people I met and didn’t get a chance to give you my battletag: Rex#2133

    And for those that didn’t make it to the unofficial after party, you missed out big time! =D

    <(" <) (> “)> <(" <) (> “)> (> “)>

  2. Awsome night guys, me and my son had a fantastic time and met some really nice folk. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to organize such a class event. was well worth the journey over from Denamark to attend….same time next year :-)

    ps here’s my battletag for anyone who wants to say ” HEJ ”


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